Cooking School in Sorrento

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Cooking School in Sorrento

Discover the secrets of local cuisine with us. Collect vegetables in our garden, knead and prepare local recipes with your own hands. An authentic dining experience awaits you. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Cooking School in Sorrento

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Unique Cooking Class in Sorrento: Cook and Harvest Seasonal Vegetables

Join us in this unique culinary experience, located in a Villa with a breathtaking view of Li Galli. The day begins with a walk through our vegetable garden, where you will have the opportunity to pick fresh vegetables and local seasonal ingredients. Immersed in lush nature, you will discover the magic of cultivating and selecting ingredients directly from the earth. Once supplied with your freshly picked bounty, we will move to the kitchen for an authentic culinary adventure. You will be guided by expert Chefs in learning traditional recipes that reflect the richness of our gastronomic culture. During the course, you will be able to knead with your hands, discover culinary secrets, and savor the authenticity of local flavors. All our Cooking Classes include a Garden Tour with the collection of seasonal vegetables, the secret of preparing Limoncello, and you will receive as a gift the Certificate of Participation in the Cooking Course and a Chef’s Apron.

General Questions

The main courses offered at our Cooking School in Sorrento include unique lessons on Neapolitan Pizza, cooked in the traditional wood-fired oven, and specialized courses on making fresh pasta and local dishes. In addition to providing a hands-on experience, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our charming garden, harvesting seasonal vegetables and fresh lemons. You will also discover the secret behind the creation of the famous Sorrento Limoncello, adding an authentic touch to your culinary experience. Choose our courses for a comprehensive and authentic culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary, offering not only practical knowledge but also the discovery of local treasures on the Amalfi Coast.

During the lessons, we guide you in the seasonal vegetable harvesting from our garden, creating a hands-on experience that connects culinary preparation with the freshness of the ingredients.

Our lessons on Neapolitan Pizza at our Cooking School in Sorrento are unique for several reasons. In addition to sharing the authentic recipe for Neapolitan pizza, we offer you the opportunity to literally get your hands in the dough. You will be the one kneading, understanding the texture, and learning the movements needed to achieve the perfect dough. Our Cooking School goes beyond, including a delightful tasting of local oil and mozzarella. Furthermore, you will immerse yourself in a complete experience with a tour in our garden, where you can harvest fresh vegetables. But the icing on the cake is the pizza baking in the wood-fired oven, following the Neapolitan tradition to ensure an authentic and delicious result.

Absolutely! Our Cooking School is dedicated to crafting fresh pasta, with a special emphasis on making ravioli and other traditional dishes from our rich culinary heritage.

Booking is easy! You can select the desired course on our website or contact us directly to check the availability of lessons.

The main ingredients used in our fresh pasta and Neapolitan pizza lessons are carefully selected to ensure superior quality and an authentic local taste. We strive to use local products, preferably sourced from our garden, to provide a culinary experience of elevated taste. During the lessons, we will introduce you to the processing preparations of freshly harvested vegetables, revealing secrets and techniques to enhance the flavor and sophistication of the ingredients used. By choosing our courses, you will immerse yourself not only in the culinary traditions of the area but also in the freshness and quality of our local ingredients.

Certainly! The lessons are designed to accommodate all levels of culinary skills, offering detailed guidance to ensure a rewarding experience.

Yes, you can book both lessons for a full day of unique culinary experiences, combining the preparation of fresh pasta and the creation of Neapolitan pizza.

We are committed to sustainability and quality, cultivating vegetables in our garden in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Absolutely! We offer gift options for both types of lessons. Contact us to find out how to make your culinary gift special.